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Arizona Style Enchilada Sauce
(A traditional sauce using chili paste made from fresh red chile)  PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Chili con Carne
(Use this recipe when making tamales) PRINT RECIPE

Albondigas con Chipotle
(Mexican Meatball Soup) PRINT RECIPE

Tinga de Pollo
(A delicious chicken and chipotle dish) PRINT RECIPE

Chicken in Santa Cruz Green Chili Sauce PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Roasted Green Chili and Tomatillo Sauce
(A delicious sauce full of green chili flavor) PRINT RECIPE

Gordo's Red Chili Sauce
(A traditional sauce using chili powder) PRINT RECIPE

Chili Mole
(A traditional Mexican recipe with roots in the Aztec culture) PRINT RECIPE

Sonoran Hamburgers PRINT RECIPE

Sonoran Hotdogs PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Green Chili Paste Cream Cheese Dip PRINT RECIPE

Sal del Mar de Cortez and Turkey…the perfect Holiday Turkey

The perfect holiday gift………Sal del Mar, Santa Cruz Chili Powder and this recipe…
Sweet and Salty Almonds
(made with Sal Del Mar and Santa Cruz Chili Powder) PRINT RECIPE

Lupita's Pozole Santa Cruz PRINT RECIPE


Santa Cruz Meat Loaf PRINT RECIPE

Davis Rollins Meat Loaf PRINT RECIPE

Dave is a customer who learned to cook from his maternal grandfather who told him, “one could not be a man unless he learned to cook”. 
Sounds like his grandfather was a man ahead of his time.

Thank you Dave for sharing.

Galina Pinata PRINT RECIPE

Hot Mexican Bean Dip
(with Chipotle) PRINT RECIPE

Spicy Corn Dip
(with Santa Cruz Chili Green Chili Paste) PRINT RECIPE

Chili Colorado con Pollo y Nopales PRINT RECIPE


Hot Cheddar Bacon Dip PRINT RECIPE

Orange Spicy Cranberry Chipotle Dip PRINT RECIPE

Sweet Potato Red Chili Dip PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Picante Cilantro Dressing PRINT RECIPE

Santa Cruz Green Salsa Corn Dip  PRINT RECIPE


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